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Once you have become an mailhandler of the United States Postal Service in the State of Texas, you will be given the option of becoming a member of Local 311. We urge you to consider joining our labor organization and taking advantage of the many different benefits we provide. USPS and our union have signed a contract that every employee and manager in the state must abide by. If management is not doing what has been agreed in this contract, we will step in to correct the situation. We do require membership dues in bi-weekly installments in order to keep our organization running.

We Offer Professional Representation for Our Members

If you're a postal worker in Texas and are experiencing unjustified disciplinary action or termination, we work with you to maintain your employment if possible. The arbitration process typically has four different stages that we help you go through. We start with the initial complaint with the intent of quickly resolving the situation, followed by negotiations with upper management about the situation. If we still fail to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion, we can also take our complaint directly to the head office in Washington, DC, if necessary. Once all of these measures fail to get results, we will provide you with the level of representation needed in your particular circumstances.

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